Payments and Ordering

A service fee of $33.99 (plus applicable sales tax) is charged every four weeks. This includes delivery, pick-up, and composting of soiled diapers and wipes into safe, nutrient-rich topsoil. Diapers and diapering products are purchased separately based on your individual needs. There is no minimum monthly order. 


DYPER San Francisco accepts payments by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover). We bill your card at the end of each week for items that have been delivered to you that week. The service fee is applied once every four weeks.  All transactions conducted through DYPER San Francisco's website are secure, and 100% PCI compliant.


Delivery and Pickup

Your weekly delivery day is determined by your service address. After you sign up, our Customer Service representative will contact you with information about your scheduled delivery day.


Our delivery drivers operate Monday-Friday and make their deliveries as early as 6 AM.  We will deliver to your front door without calling or knocking unless a special situation requires it (we would hate to wake the baby).


Your soiled diapers must be placed in a sealed compostable bag (like the BioBag brand bags offered on our website). We cannot accept diapers that have been left out for collection in oil-based (plastic) bags. Products labeled as 'biodegradable" or "oxo-degradable" are not compatible with our accelerated composting process.  Acceptable bags can be identified by the logo printed on both the packaging and the bags themselves:



Due to changes in state legislation that took place in 2013, the biodegradable inserts designed for the Diaper Dekor are not legal for sale in California and we do not accept them from our customers.


We do not encourage the use of regular paper grocery bags, as they too easily become damp, causing bag failures which result in quite a mess for both our customers and our drivers. If you prefer to use paper bags, 30-gallon double-wall paper sacks are much more resistant to moisture and can be ordered from our online store.


Changes to Your Order

You may log into our website any time before 11:00 PM two days before your scheduled delivery to edit your order.  If you miss the deadline, please call our customer service representatives and we will do our best to accommodate your changes.


Access to Buildings

Our drivers do carry keys and door/gate access codes if you require a more secure delivery and pickup location.


Coupon Codes and Special Offers

All coupon codes, special offers, and discounts are for first time customers only and cannot be combined with any other coupons, offers or discounts. In the event that multiple coupons, codes, or offers are available the customer will be issued the one that provides the highest level of discount.


Non-Compostable Products

In order to ensure the integrity of our compost, we require our customers to purchase compostable diapers and wipes directly from DYPERSF.COM or DYPER.COM. Diapers and diapering products that have been purchased from other retailers will not be collected.


Moving or Change of Delivery Address  

If you need to change your delivery address, please call our Customer Service department one week in advance as your delivery date may change based on your new routing location.  


Canceling Service

Whether you’ve graduated to potty training or need to cancel for other reasons, simply contact our customer service department via phone or email and we will close your account. You may cancel at anytime and your service will terminate at the end of the current billing cycle. Note that any unused portion of the monthly service fee is non-refundable.


Refunds and Returns 

Items purchased from DYPER San Francisco and the monthly service fee are non-refundable. However, we are always happy to accept unopened packs of diapers purchased from us within the past six months for store credit.

In the unlikely event you receive a defective product, DYPER San Francisco will happily replace the product.



We certainly recognize that our customers will occasionally travel outside of our delivery area for family vacations. Dealing with your diapers while away from home will be up to your personal preference. We recommend, if it is possible, that you bring your diapers home and add them to your collection bag for normal pickup. We offer convenient travel-sized, compostable storage bags for purchase on our website that are ideal for this purpose. Alternatively, you may choose to dispose of them in the municipal trash collection as you would with traditional disposable diapers.


If you are going on vacation, be sure to enter your vacation dates on the “vacation” tab of the ordering page. Setting Vacation dates will suspend all deliveries and pickups within the date range you have selected.


If you are on vacation for four or more consecutive weeks we are happy to put put your account on hold and waive your service fee for that period. To request that the service fee be waived, you must contact our Customer Service department in advance (email or phone) prior to the start of the vacation hold.


Missed Pick-Ups

We know that sometimes life gets hectic, especially with newborns at home.  Sometimes you forget to put out the diapers before our driver arrives.  If this happens, contact Customer Support by phone as soon as possible so that we can evaluate whether we can re-route a driver to make a special pickup.  Re-routing is not always feasible, so please make every effort to have your diapers out the night before pickup.   


Defective Products

In the unlikely event you receive a defective product, DYPER San Francisco will happily replace the product at no cost to you.  Simply contact Customer Support team and we will make arrangements to collect the defective product and get a replacement out to you.  Please keep the packaging from the defective diaper so that we can pass the information back to the factory so that they can address any quality control issues.


Contacting DYPER San Francisco

Our Customer Support team is available to assist you by telephone Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM PST. Outside of business hours please send us email or leave a message on our voicemail and we will be our very best to respond to you as quickly as possible.


Telephone: (650) 641-0975



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