1. Every week, Bay Area REDYPER™ parents leave their soiled diapers and wipes on their front porch for collection.

2. The friendly DYPER driver picks up the soiled diapers and delivers any new diapers or diapering products the customer has ordered. (Remember: We pick up from your address every week, whether or not you have a delivery scheduled!).

3. Dirty diapers and wipes are transported to a sorting facility where any non-compostable items are removed.

4. The diapers are shredded and mixed with other organic material and laid out in static piles, inside an “Ag Bag”. This is where the magic happens! The perforated pipes inside the Ag Bags pump air into the compostable material to ensure it is fully aerated. Remember, oxygen increases the speed of the decomposition process! For roughly 14 weeks, the decomposition process naturally causes the compost piles to reach temperatures as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit (notice the steam in the picture).  These high temperatures destroy all harmful pathogens in the human waste, converting the original raw materials into safe topsoil.

5. After 14 weeks the compost is removed from the Ag Bags to be mixed. This further aerates the compost and ensures the outer layer of the pile is subjected to the same high temperatures as the middle..

6. Compost is then put into curing piles to stabilize and dry out. It is no longer producing heat (decomposition is ending) and the moisture in the compost evaporates.

7. The compost is screened for any non-compostable materials missed in the original sorting process and put into a second curing pile. The compost is then ready for use as topsoil or a soil amendment. (Please note that the compost from DYPER diapers is not used for agricultural purposes.)

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